Mindfulness, Gratefulness & Pauses

healing nature, Scottish Islands

calm, restful and meditative photography

Photography is an “eyes wide open” walking meditation. Described perfectly by Matthew Johnstone  in his little book " Capturing Mindfulness"

I had a day to just stop a while after leading a small photography group on the Isle of Harris last week. I stayed in a simple pod ( Sandy Bay Croft Wigwams)  overlooking the beach and just rested. ⁣It is always good to plan pauses in life to reflect and rest.

By 5pm that evening, I decided to stroll over to the beach. I noticed myself even walking slowly and feeling the backpack on my back in a nice way. It was so beautiful and relatively calm at the beach despite the nip in the air. There was one other photographer running around on the beach so I set up my kit and I found a comfy rock. I sat for the best part of an hour watching the waves forming patterns in the sand, the light changing and the warm cloud change to cool colours as the sun set.⁣

I felt calm, happy & grateful to witness this incredible place. The photographer packed up and left and I decided it was time to take a few shots. I always love my new work - probably because of the connection I have with it. I can still feel that moment now as I look at this image. ⁣A precious moment in time.


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