A few days on Tiree

Scottish Islands

I find it really hard to put into words the way I feel about Tiree. But, if I had visited this little island when I was 20 I might never have left. There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of the island and I just adore its lack of structure.
The parking for a beach is generally a sign pointing to a piece of grass, the police station is a house overlooking the sea with a chicken run and buoys decorating the garden fence. The population of cows and sheep definitely overtakes people and I have still to find a petrol station.
There's a sense of freedom of life, a lack of rules maybe and a simple life by the water's edge. I am sure it isn't an easy life for the residents, but it certainly is defined by the land. Most of the accommodation on the island is self catering houses with the exception of a couple of hotels. We stayed at Dorinda’s Art House Annex which was basic accommodation in a charming location. Anywhere you book to stay in, you are pretty much guaranteed peace and quiet and your own beach on your doorstep. If you are travelling in a campervan or caravan though, you need to book in with the local ranger in advance.
Tiree has been called the Hawaii of the North because of the amount of hours of sunshine it gets and because it is basically a surfers' paradise. Uncrowded beaches, fabulous waves and white sandy beaches, it is simply perfect for windsurfers and surfers.

There are two watersports schools here, Blackhouse Watersports and Wild Diamond. Blackhouse can be found in a small beach hut on Balevullin beach. Wild Diamond have a shop in Cornaig and offer windsurfing, kite-surfing, surfing and SUP instruction. They also run the yearly Tiree Wave Classic which we had the good fortune of seeing whilst we were on the island.

I could only stay 2 days on this occasion as the ferries were very full so next time I will be back for a week and some more in depth reviews of what the island has to offer...



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