Ayurveda for chronic pain in Kerala, India

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On my forth Ayurvedic trip to India and Sri Lanka, I found a caring paradise at Coir village on the backwaters of Kerala. A place I became content to just sit for hours watching the eagles fly overhead, the herons land and fishermen in canoes occasionally glide past.
It is my third day at Coir Village and it is incredible how in just three days I can be transformed from someone who utilises every minute of every day to someone who is happy to watch one heron for half an hour. I have become more relaxed than I have been for over a year; since my last Ayurvedic trip, in fact.
relaxed coir village at Kerala
I arrived a few days earlier after a 30 hour journey without any real desire to visit India again. The reason that I travelled so far without a burning desire to see the country is very simple. This is the single best thing I can do for my health & wellbeing now and for the year ahead. Each year, after an Ayurveda trip, I experience a health boost unlike anything else. A surge of energy, a massive reduction in headaches and migraines, my stomach becomes normalised and general lethargy reduced. The effect is so pronounced and happens in direct correlation to me having Panchakarma treatment that I have no wish to try without treatment any longer. It's like a natural drug you have to take each year to be well again. A completely safe one that promotes wellbeing and each year builds upon the previous year's wellness.
In the coming days I am massaged for 2 hours a day, have hot oil dripped methodically over my forehead, I learn to walk slowly everywhere and to sit quietly and happily waiting for the little boat to take me oh so slowly over to the restaurant and doctor's a few times a day. A time to induldge in quietness of the body and mind.
My days consist of continuous, but never interfering, care and concern from the doctors and staff who question my every movement; sleep, tiredness levels, aches and pains, diet and emotional wellbeing. This is a place where you feel like you have been placed in loving hands to nurture and restore.  Attention is placed on the whole body and the daily routine is carefully and individually prescribed.
Four years ago, I first arrived in India, chronically ill with migraine and desperately seeking help. The four year journey has led me back to health and given me the chance to pursue my dreams again.
The Ayurvedic route hasn’t been any easy choice by any stretch of the imagination. Taking responsibility for my health and working so incredibly hard towards health has paid off. There is no doubt that pills are the easier option, and maybe now two or three times a  year I do still take a rescue medication for migraines. But as a long term solution, pills only guarantee you will never be well again. They treat the symptoms and have absolutely nothing to do with the cause when it comes to chronic illness such as migraine.
Cleansing, detoxing, healthy vegan eating, understanding emotional balance, learning to manage stress, not drinking alcohol or caffeine, regular yoga, meditation and slowing down are by far more difficult a life choice. But one that pay back hugely and have given me my health back. I leave India once again feeling fitter, slimmer, healthier, brighter, more relaxed and open minded than ever before. My only choice now is when to return next year.
taking time to enyoy the surroundings at coir village Kerala being in the moment at Ayurvedic retreat Kerala


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