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My life as a photographer living in the Highlands of Scotland, endlessly spending time alone on the Scottish islands and leading workshops for people who wish to discover their inner photography approach drives me to share all kinds of information. In my blog, you will find information about how I plan workshops, the photographic kit I use and how to get to various places.

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margaret soraya iphone photography iphoneography 8

My 10 tips for iPhoneography

My 10 tips for iPhoneography I have put together my top 10 tips for iphoneography below because I have a lot of people who say apologetically that they just have an iPhone or camera phone and don’t have a proper camera. But if the image is powerful, does it really matter what it is taken…
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margaret soraya iphone photography iphoneography 20

Photography, mindfulness and therapy

Photography and Mindfulness as Therapy Turn negative emotions into a positive through photography We are currently experiencing an understandable increase in mental health problems. These are uncertain times. With worries ranging from finances to health, social isolation, and lack of routine. This is leading to many, if not most, of us, experiencing some form of…
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five tips for building an audience on instagram

5 tips for building an audience on Instagram

I wanted to share with you today some of the things I have learned during my time on Instagram, in terms of building an audience on Instagram. I have used Instagram to find like-minded people. Using Instagram has helped me open up and find my path. I have found my voice and along with that,…
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Introverts and the creative advantage

Introverts and the Creative Process “Introversion is not defined by lack. Introversion, when embraced is a wellspring of riches”. Laurie Helgoe Many introverts are told they are too quiet, parents tell them to stop spending so much time in their bedroom, teachers tell them to take part more. Introverted children get the message that there…
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cyanotype 32

Creative photography and the Cyanotype process

Creative Photography and the Cyanotype Process Cyanotype is a creative photography printing process. Producing a cyan-blue print from anything you wish to print with. Often used for negatives or with natural objects. Engineers used to use this process as a low-cost way of producing copies of drawings. Known as blueprints. In this time where we are…
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night skies photography workshop raasay

Night sky photography tutorial

I have always been interested in photographing the night skies so I decided to write this night sky photography tutorial. There is something about standing below the stars, feeling that wonder at the world. It is a similar feeling of awe and uplift I get when I watch big waves. Peacefulness and quiet in the…
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landscape photography nature details 45 e

Photographing intimate landscapes; my 5 top tips

In this article, I wanted to share my 5 tips on photographing intimate landscapes. We don’t all have access to the big wide sweeping scenes in our day to day life. Particularly now with the lockdown and limited outdoor activities. And it would be a shame not to use the time we have been given…
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fuji gfx extension tubes 4

Fujifilm GFX Photography with 250mm lens

  Photography in nature with Fujifilm GFX, 2500mm lens and macro extension tubes Continuing the theme of shooting intimate landscapes, or details within nature. I wanted to write about how I photograph using my Fujifilm GFX in close-ups today. This is something that l love and is completely different from the seascape work that I…
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Stormy coast photography workshop

Safety on photography workshops in Scotland

I wanted to write a few thoughts on safety on photography workshops in winter in Scotland and how I approach this within Quiet Landscapes. Scotland is beautiful, and never more so than in the winter months. The light is low, the ever-changing skies can be simply glorious. The weather brings with it conditions that make landscape…
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big waves on photography workshop in cornwall

Seascape Photography Workshop Cornwall

Seascape Photography Workshop Cornwall I have just returned from leading an incredibly successful seascape photography workshop. This was run in collaboration with Mark Dobson of Wild Seascapes. We headed down to Cornwall just in time for Storm Ciara to hit. It was possibly the best timing as it brought with it huge waves, wild conditions…
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Waves on Scarista beach on the isle of harris

Isle of Harris Photography Workshop

Last November I ran an Isle of Harris landscape photography Workshop based at Scarista beach. I have been visiting the Isle of Harris for 12 years now and it has become almost like a second home. Last year I travelled back and forth almost every fortnight during the summer months. I have photographed elopements and…
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Orkney big waves

Orkney Landscape photography workshop

I ran an Orkney landscape Photography workshop in March 2020. It was so successful that it sold out and I have another photography trip to Orkney in 2021.  As with all my workshops, I always ensure I get to know each location well before taking groups. So I spend as many weeks as possible in…
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Close up of leaves in the forest with the Fuji GFX 50s

Fujifilm GFX 50s camera

Switching from Nikon to Fujifilm GFX 50s camera I’ve been looking to make the switch from my Nikon cameras over to Fujifilm for a while and the Fujifilm GFX 50s camera seemed to be the right fit. For me, it isn’t so much about the technicals as the emotive in an image. However, the right…
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osprey backpacks

Osprey backpacks

I’ve spent many years carrying around one Lowepro backpack that is simple and easy to use. It has lasted about 12 years so far so that’s pretty good going. But it’s a different matter when it comes to hiking in the hills or even walking any distance with kit. I trekked through Slovenia into Italy…
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evening image of luxury bothy

Beach Bothies on the Isle of Lewis

I’m always on the lookout for amazing places to stay on the Scottish Islands. On this occasion, I spotted these amazing beach bothies being built at one of my favourite locations on the coast of the Isle of Lewis. Nestled into the dunes at Kneep, you can almost touch the turquoise waters from the doorstep.…
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Margaret Soraya landscape photographer on Isle of Harris scotland

Healing through being outdoors

A couple of years ago The Guardian ran with a headline “Three-quarters of UK children now spend less time outdoors than prison inmates“.  When adults do go outside, most often they are lost in the devices in their hands and they no longer look up to see the sky, the trees, the beauty of clouds passing…
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wave photograph on Saligo bay on the Isle of Islay

“Quiet” solo exhibition at The Bosham Gallery

I am delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition at The Bosham Gallery. To be asked to follow on from the incredible exhibition by Michael Kenna is truly an honour. The opening evening will be from 6.30 pm at the Gallery and I will be there for the evening, so if you’d like to pop…
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self catering accomodation loch ness 2

Landscape photography tuition in Scotland

I am delighted to be offering landscape photography tuition in the beautiful landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland. I live in Drumnadrochit which is the ideal base for teaching landscape photography in Scotland. So I decided to build a tinyhouse at my home in Loch Ness. It is a small and comfortable cabin style accommodation. Built…
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incredible wave on isle of Harris scotland

Where to eat & stay on the Isle of Harris

Where to Stay & Eat on the Isle of Harris Where to Stay Na Bothain Wigwams Sandy Bay Croft Wigwams® are located on a working croft on the West coast of the Isle of Harris.  Two Wigwam cabins sleep up to four adults.  Each cabin has its own picnic table as well as a mini…
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wave captured on scottish highlands workshop

Slow art photography workshop in Garve, Highlands

I ran two short workshops in conjunction with Ffordes Photographic last week. All based around the idea of slowing down in the landscape – both in the physical taking of the photograph and also in the sense of slowing down and really embracing the environment whilst outdoors. Soaking up the feeling of being outside and…
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workshop accommodation with wonderful views of the beach

Isle of Harris photography workshop 2019

Isle of Harris photography workshop 2019 Last year’s Isle of Harris photography workshop was a great success – with 5 participants staying close to Scarista beach and within minutes from stunning scenes on Luskentyre, Seilebost, Northton and Hushinish. I spend about a third of my year on the Isle of Harris so it is like…
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participants on beach on outer hebrides photography workshop

Mindful photography workshop with Paul Sanders

Just back from a wonderful week leading Mindful photography workshop on the Outer Hebrides with Paul Sanders. What an incredible week it was! The weather was very kind to us in that we were treated to all seasons every few hours. From hail storms to huge swells, rainbows and blue skies. These kind of weather…
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Wild and stormy seas on Outer Hebrides landscape photography retreat

Outer Hebrides Photography Workshop 2019

The Outer Hebrides photography workshop with myself and Paul Sanders  The group arrived at Mangersta one day to be confronted by 20 foot waves and gale force winds. We proceeded to be hit by horizontal hail whilst walking down to the beach. There are only a few memorable times in life that we really truly let…
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Snow capped Scottish mountains during 1-2-1 photography workshop

1-2-1 workshop on the Isle of Skye

I had been chatting with Vikki for many months about a 1-2-1 workshop on the Isle of Skye before we finally met up in January. She had been looking to arrange a surprise for Leisa, her partner who loves photography. So, first up I helped her with some options for buying a camera for Leisa…
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image from river boat trip in India

iPhoneography and mindfulness in India

Iphoneography and mindfulness iPhoneography and mindfulness is something that I think are very closely linked. I’ve just returned from two weeks in Kerala. This is my yearly downtime. The time I set aside for pure relaxation of the body and mind, which I find essential in boosting wellness and creativity. This year was a first…
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Windsurfing on Scottish islands

The Isle of Tiree

The Isle of Tiree I think that If I had visited the Isle of Tiree when I was 20 I might never have left. There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of the island that I just adore. The parking for a beach is generally a sign pointing to a piece of grass, the police…
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isle skye image with snowy mountain in background

Landscape photography tuition on the Isle of Skye

A few images from a bespoke landscape photography tuition day on the Isle of Skye. I photographed Michaela and Iain’s wedding amidst sleet storms, howling wind and then glorious sunshine this summer on Loch Coruisk. A photographer herself, Michaela wanted to experience landscape photography tuition on the Isle of Skye. So we set off for…
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luxury sea croft pods with fabulous views

SEAcroft Pods Isle of Lewis self-catering

A review of Isle of Lewis luxury self-catering accommodation I had one extra night on the Isle of Lewis recently and have wanted to go and stay with SEAcroft for a while. These Isle of Lewis self catering accommodation luxury pods are pretty incredible. The pods are built on the edge of a cliff overlooking Aird…
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Carve out time for photography

Carving out time for yourself

 2019 for me means more upcoming solo trips that I have planned. More and more each year I realise that it’s ok to travel alone and enjoy it. It’s ok to feel happy and enriched by being alone. Others often look at me with either shock or sympathy because I am a woman travelling alone,…
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