Introducing Quiet Landscapes Creative Wild Swimming and Photography Retreats for well-being!

What could be better: a week spent indulging your creativity, wild swimming and photography? Well-being is at the core of these retreats and I believe that Outdoor swimming, creativity, and spending time on your well-being in nature within a supportive and caring environment are all things that contribute to our well-being. The swimming is non pressured dipping, the creative element is very open. We are all creative in some way even though we may not realise it. Whether that is simply enjoying taking photos or videos on your phone, journaling, or enjoying sewing, drawing, or writing. Quiet Landscapes Retreats will allow you space and time to explore your own creativity. Time for rest and nourishing yourself is also part of the concept behind the retreats. Healthy food, juices, and plenty of downtime for yourself to allow the space and time you need to re-energise.

Wild Swim & Creative Well-being Retreats Scotland

wild swimming in glen affric

August 21st – 24th 2021



Loch Ness Swim/Creative Retreat Taster
August 2021

stromness streets in orkney

21st - 27th October 2021

7 nights / 6 days



The Orkney Creative Retreat
October 2021

close up of leaves in the forest with the fuji gfx 50s

Oct 23rd – 30th 2022

6 nights / 5 days


Forest Bathing & swim photography Retreat
Oct 2022

Do not hesitate to get in touch for any more information about these  creative wild swimming and photography retreats. 

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Complete beginners to swimming are welcome with no pressure to actually swim. This is more of a dipping for well-being experience It is all about the experience and often we will simply immerse and enjoy. We will visit whichever loch will be most viable given weather patterns on the day. From Loch Ness to Glen Affric or Loch Achilty, Margaret knows the best place to dip and enjoy the landscape on any given day. At this time of year, the best time for peaceful immersion is early morning so we will often head out early or late in the evening. We will provide tow floats for safety and you just need to bring your swimming costume, a towel, and some wetsuit shoes. Margaret is a qualified Outdoor Lifeguard and an experienced open water swimmer, so you are in safe hands


Your options for taking part creatively are equally relaxed. Creativity is an amazing tool for well-being and taking the days out for yourself will allow you to fully embrace being creative in whatever way you enjoy. That can be journaling, writing, painting or photography. The sessions will be very open and led by Margaret in a way that is non pressured, enjoyable and encouraging.


There will be plenty of opportunities to simply rest if that’s what you choose to do so. There is no pressure to take part and the value of rest is never underestimated. Those suffering with any chronic illness such as chronic fatigue or migraines or anxiety need not worry. The retreats have been built around providing a safe and caring environment with a leader who understands. I have teamed up with juicy-ness to provide you the option of having fresh homemade juices and shots for the two days. This is an optional extra. I often have their juices during the day and a hearty, welcome evening meal at night.



vaul beach 2765

Take time out from the routine of life and choose to spend some tranquil time on the beautiful tranquil shores of the Highland lochs and coast. Be gently nurtured by the clear waters of the highlands and allow it to heal and inspire you. Taking part in creative wild swimming and photography retreats in one of the most beautiful and remote locations in Scotland allows you the time and space to reflect, create and nourish your mind and body.

The retreats are all about connecting with like-minded people, being part of a supportive group, feeling nurtured, and encouraged to spend time on yourself.  If you have a love of water, quiet places, being immersed in nature, and being creative, you have come to the right place.

My passion is creating the environment to allow you to take this time to create, swim and nourish yourself.