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Eswatini (Swaziland) has a slow and gentle pace, plus an wealth of amazing sights; a photographer’s paradise. I first visited last year whilst documenting a trip for Traveleyes and just loved the feeling of being totally immersed in nature. Sounds, smells, sights take on a new meaning when so far removed from technology and the outside world. You all by know by now my love of quiet places which are filled nature and Eswatini most definitely has this. So, I have got together with the lovely Jenny Bowen, Eswatini expert tour guide to create an 11 night photography tour in September 2019 which you an find here

For now I will leave you with an insight to my time in Eswatini last year.

"The sun is yet to set as we sit quietly watching three hippos who have been languishing in the waterhole, barely moving and semi submerged for the best part of 24 hours. It’s early and there’s a quiet joy in simply sitting and watching and waiting.

Almost as if one hippo mutters to the others ”Ok, time to go now.” they all suddenly rise up from their almost fully emerged state, walk out of the waterhole and stride off behind the trees within a matter of minutes.

We are at Hlane national park in the north east of Eswatini. My favourite of the three places we stay during our time here. There is no electricity here so every night we come back from dinner to paraffin lanterns lit outside our beautiful round huts to help us find our way back at night. When the lanterns are all blown out and it is time to sleep, we lie there listening to the lions roar throughout the night, the occasional roar sounding alarmingly close to the huts. And it is the call of many different birds getting louder that alerts us to the approaching morning.

That afternoon during our safari we witness two lions playing in the long grass, a group of giraffes in the trees and an elephant who is distinctly unhappy with our presence and trumpets repeatedly to ensure we make a hasty retreat in reverse in our Land Rover. I feel like I have taken 3 days out of the real world and been immersed in a wonderfully slow-paced African escape. Hlane has definitely stolen a little bit of my heart.

Throughout the remainder of the trip we visit a traditional healer, watch traditional dancing and share a memorable last candlelit dinner complete with barbecued impala steaks and a wart hog family keeping warm by the open fire next to us"

You can also see a documentary film that I made for Traveleyes online here

wonderful landscape photography on Swaziland tour

amazing Swaziland tour animal photographs

photography meeting the locals during swaziland tour zebras photographed during Swaziland safari

tiger photograph from Swaziland safari

swaziland photography tour with giraffes


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