Fuji camera landscape photography on the Outer Hebrides

Landscape, Scottish Islands

Fuji.... You may guessed that I am not gear orientated. But I do need the kit to do the job.

So I have been recently testing the Fuji system with a thought to switching from Nikon to Fuji for various reasons, one being weight!⁠ I recently purchased the Fuji XT-2 and went out yesterday to Tolsta beach on the Isle of Lewis to try it. As yet, I haven't got many Fuji lenses so in the interim am trying out adaptors.

The weather has been incredibly kind for landscape photography this week, the best sort in my mind. Huge swells, high winds, great skies and on some days, fleeting sunshine amidst the wild weather. I decided to head out to the beach to see what the afternoon brought and to do some camera testing if nothing else.

As I was photographing this gorgeous beach on the Isle of Lewis, completely alone with incredible waves, birds flying overhead,  I looked further down the coast and noticed beautiful spots of light hitting the waves. It was a perfect opportunity to try my 150-500mm lens and see how it worked. I was delighted that I had taken the time to head out to do some landscape work that afternoon as so often is the case. Making time and getting out there is what it is all about and you never quiet know when you are going to create an image that you truly love.


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