Fuji X-T3


I've been meaning to lighten the load for years now and have been waiting a while to see things develop. Given that I have 8 Nikon bodies and 8 lenses, it's a huge step to think about switching over. For me the camera has to be second nature - it is a tool for the job and has to fit the purpose. But, my shoulders are sore from 14 years of carrying two bodies, two lenses around at weddings and a backpack into the landscapes with heavy cameras.
I've been watching Fuji for a few years now and when the X-T3 was launched, I became interested. So I had a chat with the wonderful people at Ffordes Photographic who I would never look past in anything gear wise. They are friendly, knowledgeable and, for me, there is nothing like face to face service. As Ffordes is a 20 min drive from me, I am always delighted to stop by. On this occasion they lent me the X-T3 with a 16-55mm lens - perfect to try for a week and see if it suits my needs. Watch out over the next week or two for my thoughts on this lovely little camera!


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