Fully alive in the midst of a storm on the Hebrides


My favourite image from behind the scenes on the Hebridean Islands last week during the landscape photography retreat with Paul Sanders. It says everything about me and all that I love.
I am in my element outdoors and in this moment I felt fully alive, whipped by the wind, hailstones, rain, standing by huge waves rolling in on the edge of a cliff. Conditions so intense that you kind of just let go and enjoy. I have grown from someone who had no confidence to even talk in front of 4 people round a dinner table. Who didn't like looking at myself in pictures and needed to wear make up to leave the house. To who I am today - someone who believes in myself and is accepting of my looks, with all its flaws. My strength is far deeper than the body. I see this day in day out in my other job photographing couples. The most content are those that don't need to look perfect.being fully alive on outer Hebrides workshop


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