I phoneography, slowing down & mindfulness in India

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I’ve just returned from two weeks in Kerala. My yearly downtime: time I set aside for pure relaxation of the body and mind which I find essential in boosting wellness but also creativity.

This year was a first in that I left my cameras at home! I’m a big fan of Iphone photography so I decided to use the time to see just how extreme I could push the idea of mindfulness. I didn’t need to take any images at all, there was no real reason to. I wanted to see if I would feel inspired to do so regardless and what I’d take without any preconceptions or demands.

I slowed down to a snails pace. I sat watching the water change for hours, how the late sun fell through the coconut tree leaves, watched the herons rest and fly away time and time again. I created some images quietly and very slowly but mostly felt a complete immersion in the incredible environment.

You might notice a lot were taken from the same place where I sat most days for considerable lengths of time!  How wonderful it was to look at photography from a totally new angle. I enjoyed it very much and learnt so much from my time doing very little - it was very productive!

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  1. Karys Crook

    Wow! I would love to try that so much! Looks like a wonderful time and you have captured each moment so differently !


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