Image critique from the Isle of Harris retreat

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Our day at Bagh Steingidh produced a wide range of images from everyone on the Isle of Harris photography retreat. Richard Bingham was experimental in his method on this occasion, choosing to capture a super long exposure of the beach to see what happened! Using the super stopper, the exposure was approx 15 mins. I loved his interpretation of the scene and  the way the processing has been applied.

I love the ethereal quality of the final image which works best in black and white so the chosen conversion to black and white was an excellent choice. It is lightly and gently converted which suits the overall feel and the tones are just gorgeous.

Most of all I love the fact that Richard could have easily discounted this image because of the camera movement. This is the beach known for its random and very occasional large waves that roll in higher than the rest! So the result of one such wave meant that the tripod moved in the wet sand at the end of the exposure.

Photography is about creating a feeling through an image, not a technical assessment of what was done correctly. And this image embodies that through and through. Everything was done absolutely technically correctly, it is just that nature had other ideas! Richard had the thought to work with this result and I am so glad he did. It was a real joy to get to know Richard over the course of the few days - keep shooting!

Shot with a Fujifilm X-T2 18-55mm lens. 900sec f/9 ISO 200


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