iPhoneography and mindfulness in India

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 river in india shot on an iphone

iPhoneography and mindfulness is something that I think are very closely linked. I’ve just returned from two weeks in Kerala. This is my yearly downtime. Time I set aside for pure relaxation of the body and mind, which I find essential in boosting wellness and creativity.

This year was a first in that I left my cameras at home! I’m a big fan of iPhoneography so I decided to use this time to see just how to consider iPhoneography and mindfulness. There was no real reason to take any images. But I wanted to see if I would feel inspired to do so regardless and what images I would take without any demands.

I slowed down to a snail's pace and sat watching the water change for hours. Noticing how the late sun fell through the coconut tree leaves, watched the herons rest and fly away time and time again. I created some images quietly and very slowly but mostly felt a complete immersion in the environment.

You might notice the images were taken from the same place where I sat most days. How wonderful it was to look at photography from a totally new angle. I enjoyed it very much and learned so much from my time doing very little - it was very productive!


The iPhone is a wonderful tool for making images and it is something that I love to teach. If you are interested in learning more about using phones for photography you can sign up to hear about the new workshops I will be releasing. Some will be based around Iphonegraphy and will be added to my page of workshops here 

There are many things you can do to improve your iPhonegraphy. One is remembering the basics of photograph to apply. Looking for which direction the light comes in is so important. Then you need to think about composition and using the rule of thirds. Then we can start looking into the various settings in the phone to make things simpler. There are so many ways of creating amazing images using just an iPhone.



iPhone image of backwaters in India kerala iPhoneography image of dusky evening river in Kerala in India iPhoneography image of indian on river mindfulness sitting by a river watching canoes go past  creative iphoneography in india flowers being creative with iPhoneography and mindfulness still river in kerala backwaters india

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  1. Karys Crook

    Wow! I would love to try that so much! Looks like a wonderful time and you have captured each moment so differently !


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