Margaret Soraya

Margaret Soraya

Landscape Photography Workshop Leader

I am a landscape photography workshop leader and have been a professional photographer for 16 years. Sharing, teaching, and helping you in your photographic journey is my great passion.

A few years ago, I created Quiet Landscapes from a belief in the power of quiet and a love of remote, wild landscapes in the UK. In an increasingly noisy world, I want to share these quiet, beautiful places. And to teach and encourage others on the Scottish Islands that I know and love so well.

I live in Drumnadrochit, on the edge of Loch Ness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland with my two sons. I just bought my own little cottage on one of the oldest and cutest streets in the village. And recently built a tiny house in my garden to allow for space for people wanting to come up to learn photography. 

I backfilled the trenches for the drains, rebuilt the drystone wall, and overhauled my garden myself. So it’s definitely a build from the heart. You can see details here

I love the outdoors and surf, SUP, wild swim, and walk as much as I possibly can. I’d pretty much try any outdoor activity given the opportunity, but watersports are definitely my thing.

I have just gained my Outdoor swimming Lifeguard Qualification! I am also a qualified first aider.

I travel in my van around the islands regularly and love setting up by remote beaches and living in the landscape. I have a strong belief in being outdoors and within nature as a healer.

Margaret Soraya
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