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"A rising tide lifts all boats." 

Let's join together, and all become more creatively fulfilled.

The world has changed this year, and we need to support each other now, more than ever. We all need a space that encourages mindfulness and absorption in creativity that allows us to feel contentment and gratitude for the world around us. I believe that mindful photography can give us this, and I would really like to help and encourage others to explore these concepts.

I am Margaret Soraya, and I created the Creative Haven for you.

Creative Haven is a unqiue monthly membership. A safe place where you can meet like-minded photographers and creatives of all levels, without ego or the need to have the best camera or qualifications. Come as you are, with just your mobile phone if that's how you create. Experienced pros are also welcome, of course, but in this group, we are all equals.

I will be sharing monthly bundles around one topic, including instructional videos and ebooks to help you learn. Topics will include long exposure, negative space, mindfulness, backlighting, textures and gratitude. These will all be hosted in a private membership area on my website. 

Each month you will have a creative challenge to take part in if you wish and an opportunity to share your results on our private Facebook group. I've learnt that a community pulls together in challenging times and I would dearly love to have you join in and support each other and grow in your own way.


Creative Haven is opening just for YOU!

Are you feeling as though you have lost your way a little in your photography? Needing some support and inspiration as well as gentle teaching on an ongoing basis? 


This is for you if you would love to part of a group that supports each other and has a similar outlook on their creative work. You will feel part of a close-knit community within the Creative Haven on a long term basis. Unlike more intensive programmes, the Creative Haven will always be there for you. You can dip in and out as suits you each month, share how things are going for you, and show us what you have been photographing. Gain inspiration from others and learn from my monthly teaching. I will also be there to answer any questions that you may have during our live Q & A sessions. Now is the time to feel supported and part of something that encourages your own creativity. 



If you feel, like I do, that photography is a way of feeling absolutely absorbed into the present moment and that everyone should take time to be creative, you will love Creative Haven.

I believe that everyone has something beautiful to share with the world, including you! 

Let's keep you inspired!

Each month you will get:

  • A members-only area on my website where you will have unlimited access to all content.
  • A supportive community of artists and photographers alongside a private Facebook group for discussion.
  • A Q&A where you can ask me anything.
  • A new theme/topic each month with downloadable bundles of creative content. From long exposure to mindfulness, videos, ebooks and cheat sheets each month for you to have unlimited access to. 
  • A creative challenge to take part in each month based around the monthly topic. You will also have a chance to post your results within the group. 
  • PLUS Access to inspirational short videos to soothe and inspire. These are created from my travels around the islands and set to words that will uplift and inspire you to create your own work. 
  • Preferred rates and priority booking on mentorship.

What is important is being in this together; having a close-knit community with people who have similar values and outlooks. The community will be a place where you can safely ask questions and ask for support; share your latest work, ask for help finding suppliers and recommendations, join in the discussion around mindfulness, and find permission to allow yourself to take more time out for your photography.

As part of the group, you will have the first opportunity to book on newly-released retreats and workshops. Some of these are selling out within minutes upon release of my general newsletter, so the new retreats will be posted in the group first of all.

You will also have preferred rates on my mentoring programmes as well as priority booking. 

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