Lesley Lintott – Hebrides


Lesley came on the Outer Hebrides photography workshop in 2019.

Lesley is a lady with a spirit akin to myself. Always the first to go off by herself and climb a hill, be within the land and really take time to appreciate it in her own way. Battling to figure out why and how she wanted to create, she did the right thing by taking time and going off walking to understand and enjoy the land first.

One of the things I remember most was her issue with tripods. I too have a love / hate relationship with a tripod. I prefer to be free and not static in most things in life, as well as in my relationship with a camera / tripod. I use one when absolutely needed but otherwise I roam freely.
When you are in an environment with lots of photographers, it can feel like everyone else is more experienced and knows what they are doing. As if everyone who has put their tripod up is right and by not doing so, you are not doing things correctly or don’t know what you are doing. The irony is that most of the time we are all standing there feeling the exact same insecurities.
It took a few days but Lesley began to see that her vision and her joy comes from a certain style of photography that isn’t necessarily traditional. When I saw her images, I was floored by this one in particular. I feel like it is up there with the best images I know.

Lesley - be free and create images you want to - motion an all!


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