Night skies over Harris, Outer Hebrides

Scottish Islands

Isle of harris night sky photography

My first night this week on the Isle of Harris was an interesting one! I knew the forecast for clear, starry skies and my love of night sky photography meant I was excited! I had all my kit ready and left at 11pm to shoot some night skies as planned.  It is difficult working in the dark, but I am used to it and can preset my cameras in advance to help things along.  But at night, there always seems to be one little thing that make shooting in the dark really difficult!

On this occasion my trusty D800's screen stopped working after my first shot. So no image reviewing for me - quite possibly the most important time that you actually need to review the images on the back of the screen!

It was like going back to the days of film. Shooting at night you really can't be absolutely sure of composition or focus until you see the image. I decided to continue rather than go back for another body and took it as a challenge. My knowledge of my settings, my lens and length of exposure according to darkness levels paid off and I managed a few shots in the dark!

Night sky photography on the isle of harris Outer Hebrides at night starry skies on the isle of harris night skies over the isle of harris photography



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