Margaret Soraya 

Online coaching and presentations



Online coaching and speaking 

Margaret has taken her love of teaching and inspiring others to the online space and is now providing online photography coaching and speaking including live webinars and talks. Feel energised, inspired and supported in your journey in photography, regardless of distance! 

Nature details with Fujifilm GFX camera

Finding your voice through contemplative photography 

A four week online coaching course with a small group

2nd – 23rd August 2020 

“Unlock your inner creative”
Helping you to slow down, really notice the world and discover your own unique voice in your photography. Margaret will guide you through a process where you can begin to connect with your intuition and develop your own photographic stye. With gentle encouragement and personal attention all the way through. This is a very small bespoke course which is tailored very much to the individual and where you will have the opportunity each week for a 1-2-1 with Margaret in addition to a group call. Everyone one of us has creative potential and this course is to help you develop, enjoy your photography more and find a sense of fulfilment, no matter what your level.
  • A series of group discussions – one call per week via zoom with Margaret.
  • 1-2-1 call per week ( 30 mins )
  • Bite sized, projects will be set to help you through this process. Small enough to allow everyone to find time for them without feeling pressured. All projects can take place at home or in a outdoor space close to home. Projects will be tailored to your own interests – from nature details such as grasses, abstract images using icm and mutiple exposures to portraits and still lifes.
  • Projects can be completed in your own time and can be done on any camera including your smart phone. The aim is to find your way through the course of four weeks and end up with a set of three portfolio images set to words and or music that enables you to your see your true potential.
  • Max 8 participants
  • Beta testing this online course is reflected in the price at  £295pp
Begin to realise that slowing down, being in nature, focusing on yourself without the external pressure to produce images for anyone else will help unlock your inner creative. The aim is to guide you through this transformative journey in an inspiring and encouraging manner.




Close up photography of heather

Creative vision is a process of finding yourself, rediscovering yourself and including your own unique life, loves and experiences. When we open up to allow that to flow, truly authentic work comes through.

Online 1-2-1 photography coaching 

Bespoke 1-2-1 photography coaching from the comfort of your own home.

A series of zoom calls with Margaret which are tailored to your own needs. These are for any level of photographer and have an emphasis on helping you become more mindful, aware and ultimately define your own style and vision. The enjoyment of photography increases when we become more relaxed when out photographing. My aim is to help you find your own path, whatever that may be. You will often find that is has been there all along, just a little hidden by life’s demands.

These calls will lead you through a process which Margaret creates from an initial meeting. A gentle and encouraging chat which will leave you inspired.

4 hour sessions including email support and mini projects. Please enquire for costs.




Patricia Wood 

“ You are extremely inspiring, supportive and encouraging and I am definitely getting a lot from our time together. I particularly enjoy how things are evolving ​”
Nature details with Fujifilm GFX camera

Online talks & Webinars 

Margaret is now available for giving online talks and presentations to your community or camera club. Please enquire for availability and details.