Orkney Isles wild landscapes

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Each time I go to the Orkney Isles I love it just that one little bit more. I've only ever visited in winter and part of the reason that I love the island it's wild, quiet and amazingly raw landscapes. One day I will see it in the summer, but for now I love the winter experiences you get on this incredible island.

Undoubtedly, January on Orkney does come with risks as high winds have cancelled my ferry before and this time took my van door round to angle where it really should never have been! But along with that comes an incredible happiness I experience when I'm in the midst of conditions like these - maybe its because I know I will get amazing images? Or maybe I just love storms.

Whatever, the Orkney Isles always seem to deliver whenever I go and I am already planning my next trip. I will be running a retreat out to orkney in 2020 so take a look here!


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