Paul Sanders


Yes, he assumed that he got away with it, but I am including the very talented Paul Sanders in this series of alternative critiques from our retreat in Lewis recently!

He needs no introduction and is the most humble bundle of talent about. Seemingly effortlessly creating an image in his own unique style wherever you place him, his black and white images ooze a calm stillness which is both striking and soothing. So I might have chosen a typically “ Paul" image, as I do really love the way he uses water in his photography. But instead I chose this piano at Lews Castle

I came downstairs at Lews castle early one morning during our retreat to find Paul standing in the entrance to the ballroom which was bathed in gorgeous sunlight. I had no idea that he was even taking a photo until we saw this image later. Captured on his i phone, it is a photograph which conveys the grandeur, quietness and beauty of the castle. Paul has a talent of capturing images that are keeping with his style, even when the subject matter is so wide ranging.



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