Orkney Isles wild landscapes

Each time I go to the Orkney Isles I love it just that one little bit more. I've only ever visited in winter and part of the reason that I love the island it's wild, quiet and amazingly raw landscapes. One day I will see it in the summer, but for now I love the winter...

Caithness sunrise

I woke yesterday morning in my van at the side of the road somewhere between Latheron and Dunbeath in Caithness. I had been photographing a wedding the day before in Wick and after a late finish I ended up pulling in for the night rather than drive tired. It had been...

Ayurveda in India – Shinshiva

**This blog post was originally written 4 years ago. Just as an update I now visit India or Sri Lanka each year now and each year return healthy and visibly renewed through Ayurveda. I might just be living walking proof that it works! *** I am at Shinshiva in Kerala...