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Last week I designed what I have called a quiet & kind calendar. It is available to purchase now in my shop. The calendar is a statement of everything I feel strongly about. Kindness, calmness, nature as a healer and quiet integrity in all you do. Continue on in life with unwavering kindness in your heart. It's everything I believe in and will never falter.
The story behind this calendar is most unusual! I planned a few years ago to install a garden room to rent out in the summer months to help pay my mortgage and finally saved enough for the down payment in January this year.
The company I ordered from checked out on companies house, had premises which I visited twice and many positive reviews on a very well established facebook page. P & A Pods if you are wondering!
With delivery due at the end of May 2018, I started working on tidying up my garden ready for installation. May came and went and along with it many, many unanswered e mails and fruitless phone calls and suddenly August came round. On the 21st August a friend informed me that the company had gone into liquidation. The following days and weeks brought with it stress, tears, disbelief and finally acceptance that I had lost my hard earned money. I had to get on with my life and my business.
The suspicious nature of the liquidation now is bringing to light more and more unpleasant facts which leads, along with many others, to my being interviewed by CID in the coming weeks. Indeed it seems there was very little intention to ever deliver my garden pod from the start.
So what has this to do with a calendar? Well, my journey in the past few weeks has been interesting and through a lot of swimming and being in nature, I have worked through it and re affirmed my belief in how nature can soothe and heal.
I decided that I wanted to give back and will be donating 5 of these calendars for every 10 purchased to a local charity. I can't think of anything better than people who can't get out and about and are facing illness and challenges, to be able to look at the date and feel soothed!



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