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Podcasts have recently changed my life. A sweeping statement I know but very close to being true! I drive a lot ... and I also like to use every minute of my time wisely so it always seemed a waste to spend it just driving. Learning and expanding thoughts; why could you not be learning something whilst driving. I tried blinklist for a while but the automated voice grated on me. So on to podcasts and as soon as I discovered a few good ones I have been hooked ever since. So, a few starter recommendations below for you!

1/ I was recently interviewed on The Togcast, a wonderful podcast by Paul Sanders & Sam Gregory for all things landscape photography. So that's my first recommendation! I absolutely love listening to The Togcast and hearing the variety of speakers' thoughts on many topics. It's not often you get to hear the back story or thought processes, or even the landscape photographer's voice.

2/ Out of the bubble - a new podcast hosted by the lovely Rachel Peru who started a new career modelling aged 46 as a curve model. Meeting inspiring women over 40 who are embracing mid life and helping to break down stereotypical middle aged barriers.

3/ The Highest self podcast by Sahara Rose. Modern spirituality and Ayurveda.

Most definitely a favourite of mine - I listened to this all the way to the Lake District and back a few weeks ago - that's approx 9 hours worth of driving! If you want to be inspired, think about your health and wellbeing and also are interested in Ayurveda then listen to Sahara, a wise woman who will inspire and encourage.



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