Scottish photography workshop testimonials


Below are just some of the testimonials from clients who have taken part in my photography workshops in the UK. I run workshops throughout the country. On the Outer hebrides, Orkney, Glencoe, Loch Ness and the South Coast of England. No matter what workshop or retreat I am leading, my aim is that my clients leave happy. The priority is that they gain something from the experinece and leave fulfilled. That can be developing their skills, feeling inspired to continue with their work, having enjoyed visiting a new place or developing an understanding of how important ther creativity is to their well being.

I am delighted to have good feedback after all my workshops and it is very lovely to be able to show just some of these words below.



Loved your presentation tonight at LCC. Inspiring, honest, timeless and the connection between your personal life and your photography is inspirational and sounds like symphony. A dream venture to many of us.

Ana Martins-Taylor

Scottish photography workshop testimonials from clients in Scotland
Scottish photography workshop testimonials client on beach


This retreat will stay with me for a long time,at least until the next one that is!. The elemental and powerful weather, the beauty of the scenery, the friendship of my colleagues. Everything I learnt and experienced photographically as well as the giving nature of our retreat leaders. Colin smith



Margaret has created a unique and special style of photography retreat. Her passion to encourage her guests to find their own style is inspiring. Both photographically and personally. She has the ability and desire to help each participant work in their own way and in their own time. How she manages this in a group environment is quite incredible! The enthusiasm and sheer effort she puts in to each trip and each participant is humbling. Caroline goodman

Scottish photography workshop leaders margaret soraya and paul sanders


I approached this Outer Hebrides workshop with a little trepidation. Would my health restrict my photographic development, or would there be signs of improvement? Well, the easy-going, relaxed atmosphere from start to finish and the great people attending made for a much rewarding week. PS. The catering was amazing.
Peter Herreaman


I had a great week on the seascapes photo workshop with Margaret in Cornwall. Lovely lady with great vision, who was keen to ensure each participant received maximum benefit from their week with her. I highly recommend her retreats to you.
Rose Bradley


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my day with Margaret. Not just as a photographer but as someone able to both inspire and educate. Margaret  had obviously given so much thought to the ethos of our day. I appreciated the instant honesty of our group, this having been engendered by Margaret’s own sincerity and openness from the very start.  

Joy Whiting 

Susan Cain Author 

“I’m thrilled and inspired by the quiet beauty of Margaret Soraya’s work.”