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As I sit wrapped up in a bench outside the Balmacara hotel sipping my hot water in my travel mug and eating a pot of porridge ( my usual travel / van food that keeps me going),  I am looking at an article called “ A quest for the Waves “ in The Sunday Times.
I have to think twice to let it sink in that this is in fact, about me. My lifelong passion for waves and the sea has somehow managed to become a dream business and just got a very decent review printed in a double page spread of The Sunday Times.
As a child I craved the sea, as a teenager I began surfing, I moved to the sea at 20 and my heart never left it. As my life twisted and turned , I always return to the water somehow. My paintings at 20 in art school were large paintings of waves, my photography now is strikingly similar. We all have something that draws us back time and time again and those who recognise this, let go and truly go with their heart can realise it in some form. Life often has other ideas but when you follow intuition regardless magical things begin to happen.
So, I am sitting here reading about myself and what I have created. And I wonder if anyone reading it knows how heartfelt it has been. I am at this moment travelling back from four days in Torridon, Lewis, Harris and Skye. Four days on the road photographing weddings and sleeping as and when was possible. My arms hurt and mind needs some rest and quiet, but I am doing what I need to do to keep my passion on track. Summers involve knuckling down and providing income, waiting for the winter to arrive so I can live out my dreams of being on windswept beaches, waves crashing down, experiencing the sheer beauty of the quiet of Scotland.
It is this that drives me - like an addiction - but a good one! When I decided to turn my addiction into something more, I realised that I have a joy like no other at showing others places that I love, teaching others to listen to their intuition and watching them develop their own photography. When I watch someone's face break into happiness and awe of a place I have taken them to or their joy as they finally begin to truly understand their own photography, it is all worthwhile.
And today, as I read about my beloved little business which embodies everything I value in life, I am very proud indeed.


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