Susan Cain endorsement of my work

Landscape, lifestyle

“I’m touched and inspired by the quiet beauty of Margaret Soraya’s work." Susan Cain⁣⁠
There are some things that just lift your soul - and receiving this email from someone who changed my life a few years ago was one of them. ⁣⁠ Susan is the author of " Quiet - the power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking" ⁣⁠
When I read her book and listened to her TED talk, everything changed for me. I learnt of my strengths and to believe in my own quiet power, to trust my instincts. I learnt that public speaking was possible and how to step forwards. My mindset shifted and things started happening for me after reading it - the best advice I would give anyone who is an introvert is to read her book! ⁣⁠
Thank you to Susan CainMargaret soraya photography workshop in Scottish islands for your comments on my work! ⁣⁠


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