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I've been looking to make the switch from my Nikon cameras over to Fuji for a while. As many of you know, for me, it isn't about the technicals as much as the emotive in an image. However, the right kit for my job is really important. Because when you have the fundamentals in place you carry on with the more important part of photography. Shooting what you love, finding the reason behind the shot, shooting in an emotive way and the many other aspects of being a landscape photographer.

I have tried the Fuji XT3 and XT2 out before and have been so incredibly impressed with performance but wanted a slightly larger file size. So when Ffordes Photographic asked if I wanted to test out the Fuji GFX I jumped at the chance.

This camera feels solid and also feels strangely familiar - maybe it goes back to my film days, but I feel at home with this camera in my hand. It didn't take long to get to grips with the GFX at all and I also tried out a few different lenses. I shot the leaf details with the 100-200mm. This is something I love shooting and is completely different to my seascape and wave work. I just love using shallow depth of field, distance, background to create lovely details within nature. The beauty is these can be done anywhere; your garden or a local park is perfect. I am doing more teaching based around intimate landscapes like this and will run a more in depth post about this shortly. But back to the GFX - it was handed back reluctantly last week, but no doubt I will be the proud owner of one at some point in the New Year.


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