The Isle of Islay

Scottish Islands

I have just returned from a couple of days on the Isle of Islay. I have been wanting to explore this island more with a thought to running a retreat out to the Southern Hebrides.

I have to say that I managed to fall in love with Islay this weekend!  The wall to wall sunshine helped a little, the incredibly luxurious hotel right by the beach also gave it the edge, the fact that it was winter and the island was pretty much deserted was also a massive bonus as well. The beaches and landscapes are just incredible on Islay and mostly overlooked as the island is best known for its whisky distilleries. But if you ask me, the attraction of the whisky distilleries found around each corner of the island pale into significance against the amazing scenery. Here are some images from the island and more on the Machrie Hotel where we stayed and the new retreat shortly!


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