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Being versus doing

I woke up in my van today on the Isle of Harris and dozed till 7am - the longest lie in I have had in weeks. I've been on a kind of overdrive of the mind and body lately, suffering with tiredness with migraines trying to creep back into my life as a result. Finding balance has been hard with so many jobs that just need doing. ⁣Summers come along with a workload that is fairly heavy and winters for me are far easier to balance out. It is not a lack of wanting to just be, more a pressure of self employed and being someone who is very driven to continue developing and creating in new and exciting ways.

I posted something along these lines on instagram and someone made the comment that by constantly doing we are actually avoiding dealing with tough issues inside us. An interesting thought. For me, that is not the case, it is merely pressure to earn a living that drives my doing!
However,  something magical happens when I arrive on the Hebrides and I leave the paperwork at home. I find the time to just be - to spend time outdoors, swim & photograph. I went for a half mile swim in these waters first thing this morning and watched the gulls fly around, enjoyed clear turquoise waters and enjoyed the feeling of outdoors exercise. ⁣During the day I walked on beaches and photographed the clear turquoise waters, watching the waves turn for at least 2 hours. And later I watched as the sunset appeared and the sky changed from minute to minute from the rather beautiful viewpoint of my van! ⠀
In between the work I am here to do for these few days, I fully intend to do some being rather than doing. ⁣

the joy of just being on isle of harris photograph

isle of harris being in the moment photography

beautiful isle of harris seascape

isle of harris sunset photography


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