The Orkney Isles landscape photography

Landscape, Scottish Islands

I am just home from a wonderful trip to Orkney. The reason for going to the island was a booking with a lovely lady who wanted a 1-2-1 landscape photography day with myself.  We met and had 2 fabulous half days out in the landscape followed by a little editing work indoors.

In the afternoons I nipped out to do some of my own work and was lucky enough to be on the island during some incredible weather. So incredible in fact, that I had to stay an extra day as the ferries were cancelled due to 55 mph winds. I actually was secretly pleased as the storm rolled in creating huge waves and dramatic skies and I didn't want to leave anyway. I attempted a cliff walk during the height of the wind, but it was more like leaning into the wind and trying to push forwards somehow, the spray from the sea hitting my face like hailstones. At times like these, you need to be quick and know what you are doing to be able to shoot anything! I must admit that I couldn't really see what I was shooting and was struggling to even keep the camera up to my eye and vaguely steady. I used a fast shutter speed to compensate when the wind was at its worst and managed to capture these images during my "walk".

I hope you like the images and it inspires you to visit this very beautiful island.



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  1. sandra white

    I am going to Orkney in September and looking for a days workshop. Please could you let me know if you are willing to do a 1-2-1 on Orkney and if so how much you would charge.
    I really enjoyed the images.

    Many thanks


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