Valtos, Isle of Lewis

Landscape, Scottish Islands

As we sailed into Stornoway yesterday, the sun shone over the Hebrides in that wintry sort of way that produces the kind of light that is so special. The forecast is for some stormy weather this week but for me, that means possibilities and changeable conditions. The type of weather than can lead to beautiful images. After arriving at our house, I decided that the light was too good to stay indoors and headed out to Kneep beach where there were some amazing waves rolling in.

I always wear wellies when I am shooting on the beach because I know I can never resist getting that bit closer to the water's edge. I generally end up in the water. And in that moment of enjoying shooting and knowing that I am getting the images that I wanted, I don't really care how far in I am in. On a day like yesterday though, there can be random waves which bring the water high up onto the beach and indeed, you can tell what happens next in the story! Little point running, so I just carried on shooting with wet legs and waterlogged wellies.


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