Where to stay on the Isle of Harris – The Sound of Harris

Recommended, Scottish accommodation

I love the Sound of Harris so much. For two reasons; one is the sheer space in both houses. The big house in both its double height ceiling and huge kitchen area but even the small house feels spacious because of its contemporary design and clean lines.
The other reason is the total sense of quiet when you stay in the the Sound of Harris. The two houses sit next to each other basically at the very edge of the land, looking out to vast expanses of sea with no close neighbours anywhere to be seen. We all know I’m a bit of fan of peace and quiet and seclusion is an added bonus, so this just fits the bill. Add in a bit of luxury at both houses and the pristine immaculate way that Carol and Rob lovingly take care of their houses, it really is one of my favourite places to stay on the islands.
I’ve just thought of a number 3 reason why I love it here and it has to do with my love of nice bathrooms! In a unique twist, the bedroom has a Japanese bath tub in the corner of the room and who can’t love such a quirky sense of style ... it's also surprisingly comfortable!
Try staying in the winter months when you can sit indoors with a fire blazing watching the incredible weather from the large windows overlooking the sea.



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