Why I do what I do

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the why - why I spend hours preparing to speak to audiences in camera clubs and conventions, why I spend the time writing and thinking carefully about my instagram captions, why write this blog and why I want to run photography retreats. All these things have little monetary reward versus time, and my time is scarce as it is, running a busy wedding photography business and with my two boys still at home.

The realisation is that all this comes from a genuine place of giving to others and because I feel like this is the right path for me, I am therefore extremely driven to continue. We see many whose work comes from a place of ego, where the sharing is for the sole purpose of making themselves look great, but for me. I don't need that validation. I am at a place in life where I am totally contented in both my home life and my work life. I don't crave or need likes or affirmation that I am popular or my work is good. My work is for me - I shoot for myself and I have to say that I love the results!

So then, why spend the time on all this?

The answer is consistent and the realisation of the answer comes from the reaction I get from my audience. Every e mail and every person that comes to me afterwards saying that I have touched, helped or inspired them in their own pursuit of purpose in work or life, elates me. This is, quite simply, enough reward for me. To know that I have inspired someone  to get back out shooting landscapes, to take more time for themselves for their well being or to quieten that little voice that tells them they are an imposter, not good enough, too quiet, not ready.

I received a lovely e mail yesterday from a lady who reads this blog and was wondering if I could do some podcasts. Aside from the fact that I am always surprised when I hear someone actually reads this, it is nice to know that she cares enough to want to listen too my voice as well! Podcasts are something I adore and spend hours listening to whilst driving, so I will look into it...watch this space.....




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