Why Lews Castle is an incredible place to stay!

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Outer Hebrides Photographic Retreat, March 11th -16th with myself & Paul Sanders 

My photographic retreats are all about quiet, incredible landscapes paired with quiet, unique and luxurious accommodation. Lews Castle was the first place that jumped into my mind whilst pondering what to include. I have loved the Isle of Lewis since I first went over about 12 years ago. I am guessing at the date from a photo I have of myself and my now 17 year old on the ferry over.  Delighted, excited to see this land I had thought about for years, and now with a very small boy in tow, I fell in love with this quiet land steeped in history with its friendly hard working people as soon as I’d spent just a few days on the island.  

So it was an obvious choice of location but then how to choose accommodation. I have stayed at the Castle twice with my family now and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last. I find space in a room or property has the ability to allow you to stretch and breathe.

In Lews Castle the ceilings are as high as you could ever imagine. Each room is clean, contemporary and with a volume of space that is luxurious, bordering on frivolous. 

The history of the Castle adds to the atmosphere but it is the luxury and quiet of the rooms that appeals to me.  Each 3 bedroom apartment shares a large living area complete with fully fitted out kitchen. There’s no need to stay in your room all the time, yet if you prefer to be totally alone, you won’t feel cooped up in these bedrooms.  

Everyone will have their own double room all to themselves, unless you choose to bring a partner. This can be a partner who doesn’t necessarily want to participate in the photography sessions but would like to stay with you. Just contact me for rates and food options.  

There’s a cafe onsite and a bar and a museum just down the stairs so you have the freedom to wander round the Castle at your own leisure.  The grounds are extensive so if you are looking for a woodland walk you could probably walk all day just by going outside.  But if you are wanting to see the town or harbour it is only a 15 min walk away as well.  So for me, Lews Castle has it all. Central, yet within driving distance to the most incredible landscapes, luxurious and spacious and with plenty facilities on site if you wish. 

On top of all this the Castle have very kindly offered to extend your room either side of the retreat for an extremely attractive rate. If it were me, I’d be snapping their hands off - and actually, I probably will!

 I hope that helps explain a little about where we are staying.  There are still places available so please just e mail to enquire or book online. New dates will be released soon! 


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