Wild swimming on the Isle of Skye

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wild swimming in the isle of Skye

I spent an impromptu day with Matt who runs a low key business on the Isle of Skye created from his obvious passion for swimming on the Isle of Skye last week.

Matt is a gentle soul with a real love of what he does and a genuine desire to share and show others some amazing places. What I really loved was his giving attitude on an island that is troubled slightly with issues surrounding tourism. I often feel on edge on the Isle of Skye and fearful I am doing something to upset the locals. Matt managed to change my view of this stunning island in just a few hours. I have a love of anywhere that is remote and quiet and Skye has so many hidden gems far away from the 10 local spots written about and visited over and over again.

We went for a walk which was not for those who like gravel paths and dry feet and I felt that sense of vast landscape and solitude that I crave. Reaching the unpronounceable Loch, I felt an overwhelming gratefulness to Matt to generously show me his world. He does this in the summer months, taking tourists on a day tour of swim spots and dips. Dips accessible from the side of the road but that still feel untouched and within nature. Helping people experience and be exposed to a healthy, outdoor activity that lifts the mood, makes you laugh and feel connected with the land in an immersive way. He takes care of everything and you just know you are in safe hands. Matt dropped me back at the Sligachan Hotel where I spent an hour with a warm meal and a comfy seat after a day that made me feel amazing and so much more connected to the Isle of Skye than ever before. Thank you for a wonderful day!

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